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If you're like me you have been around long enough to have tried all the latest and greatest membership sites, products, software and more  - some it works and some just plain doesn't.  That's why this site was created. To provide members with the latest and best products for sale and for personal use.

With your membership to NicheVIP you get new products in 5 categories - practically a new product every day. In fact in the first 30 days there have been over 60 products added to the site.

What can you do with these products?

  • Sell them as is and you keep 100% of the profits.
  • Bundle them together into specific niches to create new products.
  • Customize the PLR products, change the name, add content to create your VERY OWN exclusive products.
  • Take content from the PLR products and create articles to submit to article direcories.
  • Use the PLR content to create your own min-courses to gain subscribers to your list.
  • Keep them for your own personal use - learn a new marketing technique DAILY!
  • Almost all products can be put on a CD and sold on eBay
  • Sell them via the classified ads at eBay
  • Offer them as bonus items to gain subscribers (check permission)
  • Offer them as bonus items to your existing products to increase sales (check permissions)
  • Really as you can see the possibilities are virtually endless - limited only by your imagination.

Sign up today and start making money ASAP.

Take a look at exactly what you get - click each link!

Multimedia Products

Private Label Products

eBooks With Resale Rights

Software Packages

Webmaster Tools, Scripts, Templates

Here's just some examples of the newest products added to NicheVIP


"4 Pack PLR on Internet Marketing "
 Full PLR Private Label Resale Rights

4 Brand New PLR Ebooks Package

Full Private Label Rights to Hot Product #1: 1- The Beginner's Guide To Membership Sites

Owning a membership site offers tremendous opportunities and profit power that can be spelled in two words: recurring income. Additionally, the membership website owner does NOT necessarily have to scramble for website content constantly. Only if you know how to.

Full Private Label Rights to Hot Product #2: 2- FaceBooking Craze For Internet Marketers!

Why Internet Marketers Should Use FaceBook, How It Can Help Grow Your Business And How To Get 500 Friends In 30 Days! In marketing circles, there is a great deal of talk about FaceBook. FaceBook is a social networking site that came quietly into the Internet scene in early 2004 and at that time, it was geared towards college students only.

A lot has changed in 4 years and now anyone over the age of 13 can open a free account at FaceBook and start interacting with others. Today, there are more than 80 million people using FaceBook.

Full Private Label Rights to Hot Product #3: 3- E-Book Reseller Riches

There are massive profits to be made on the Internet. Most of them revolve around the million dollar industry of selling information products in the form of E-Books.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step - so we must make sure we begin our first step in the right direction. Remember, our goal is financial freedom - achieving autopilot, recurring income long after you stop marketing!

Full Private Label Rights to Hot Product #4: 4- Cashing In BIG On The Health And Wellness Industry

Ever thought of making money in an industry with a HUGE market demand, UNPARALLELED growth potential and MASSIVE income possibilities? Cashing In BIG On The Health And Wellness Industry reveals how the HEALTH and WELLNESS industry holds the key to any budding entrepreneur on how to cash in on this rising trend!

Click Here To Download

Private Label Rights


"Peel Ads Script - Resale Rights"
 Full  MASTER Resale Rights

Peel Away Ads V2

What's New in Version2?
  • Place your peel in ANY corner of your website
  • Place your peel in ALL corners if you wish
  • Greater control if you need to specify where on your page you want it
  • You decide if it opens in the same browser window or a new one
  • Animated text in small peeled corner
  • Animated text in large background corner
  • You control the size and color of animated texts

Here is what is Included:

  • The Peel Away Ads Script that for you to use in as many sites you wish.
  • The Peel Away Rotating Ad Script to Show multiple rotating ads on your site.
  • The Step by Step Installation Video.
  • Image Templates for your corner peel and background ad.
  • Flash source file, for eye catching animation on your Peel Away Ad.
  • Click Here To Download Peel Away Ads Script
    File Size: 58.1MB
    Master Resale Rights



"The Ebay CD Seller's Tool Kit - MRR"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

The Ebay CD Seller's Tool Kit - MRR

Discover How To Profit From Ebay's Recent Policy Change (Banning The Sale of Digital Products) With 5 Powerful Products!

Ebay™ has already banned the selling of downloadable digital products on its sites.

The move hit many Ebay™ Sellers like a thunderbolt. And hundreds if not thousands lost their livelihood.

Now the good news. You can exploit the void that the Auction Giant created to your BIG advantage and profit from the vacuum generated by the bloodbath.

Got tons of digital products (ebooks, softwares, scripts, videos, audios, with plr or resale rights) just gathering digital dust in your hard drive?

Resell them as high perceived value physical products on CD or DVD - products of tangible nature GUARANTEED to build long lasting relationships between you and your customers.

What the Ebay CD Seller's Tool Kit is composed of.

The Ebay™ CD Seller's Tool #1
The Secret To Quick CD Autoruns

The Ebay™ CD Seller's Tool #2
This package includes instructions Manual "Working with Inkscape" and Full-version Inkscape Software.

The Ebay™ CD Seller's Tool #3
650 Ebay Auction Templates pretty much say what this package is all about - over six hundred auction templates that will give your auction business that professional and distinct advantage.

The Ebay™ CD Seller's Tool #4
Instant CD Products - Here's An Easy Way To Create A Popular Product To Profit With - And All It Takes Is Just Two Hours ...

The Ebay™ CD Seller's Tool #5
Making Money With CD Duplication.

Click Here To Download Sales Page and 4 Tools
File Size: 26 MB

Download 650 Ebay Auction Templates
File Size: 22.4 MB

Master Resale Rights



"I Hate PHP"

I Hate PHP

A Beginner's Guide to PHP and MySQL.

OK, I don't REALLY hate PHP, but there have been days I strongly dislike it.

Download I Hate PHP

Private Label Rights


"EZ Ebook Templates Package 5"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

EZ Ebook Templates Package 5

Never In The History of Creating Ugly, 'Dime-A-Dozen' PDF Ebooks Has There Been An 'Instant Beautification' System Like This One. . .

EZ Ebook Templates are just what they sound like. They are ebook templates specially formatted to work inside of OpenOffice Writer to create PDF ebooks with loads of style. Unlike Microsoft Word templates that can be void of color, hip styles, and are more difficult to work with, EZ Ebook Templates have plenty of fresh colors hooked up with the latest styles and are easy to work with.

Download EZ Ebook Templates Package 5

Master Resale Rights

"Bigger is Better If Done Naturally - Report"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

Bigger is Better If Done Naturally

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Diet for Natural Bulk and Weight Gain Chapter
  • 2: The Right Workout For The Right Build Chapter
  • 3: Measuring Results

Download Bigger is Better If Done Naturally

Master Resale Rights



"Article Marketing Courses"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

Article Marketing Courses

In this amazing course, you will learn how to:

  • Increase sales of a product or affiliate product by using article marketing to create high-value follow-up series for subscribers
  • Use article marketing to draw thousands of highly targeted visitors and leads from the world's top search engines
  • Transform your pages into an authority hub by providing users and the search engines with high-quality, comprehensive content about your product, service and/or industry
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field – you’ll learn how to position yourself as THE PERSON that prospects should go to when they have a question about your industry!
  • And much, much more!

Download Article Marketing Courses

Master Resale Rights


"Gas-Saving Devices: Fuel Saver or Consumer


Gas - Saving Devices: Fuel Saver or Consumer Scam?


1) Introduction

2) Oil and Gas Additives

3) Magnetic Devices 4) Air Injection Products

5) Be Wary of the Testimonials

6) Products that Can Work

7) Hypermiling Strategies

8) Conclusion

27 pages Includes:

Microsoft Word source document

PDF file

JPG cover graphics (flat and 3D)

PSD cover graphics (Photoshop source files)

Download Gas - Saving Devices: Fuel Saver or Consumer Scam?

Private Label Rights



"HyperMiling - How to Make Your Car Go Further With Less Gas"

Hypermiling - How to Make Your Car Go Further With Less Gas


1) Introduction

2) What is Hypermiling?

3) Why has Hypermiling become so Popular Recently?

4) Drive more Fuel Efficiently

5) Keep your Vehicle in Good Working Condition

6) Make your Vehicle Lighter

7) Time to get a New Vehicle?

8) Additional Tips to go Further with Less Gas

9) Evaluating the Results of Your Efforts

10) Conclusion

28 pages Includes:

  • Microsoft Word source document
  • PDF file
  • JPG cover graphics (flat and 3D)
  • PSD cover graphics (Photoshop source files)

Download Hypermiling - How to Make Your Car Go Further With Less  Gas

Private Label Rights



"Keyword Research Bible"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

Keyword Research Bible
Keyword Research Bible Will Help You...
Understand Why Keyword Research Is So Vitally Important!
Start Building Your Keyword Phrases From Scratch!
Find A Niche Centered Around Your Keywords!
Analyze your Competition So You Can Create Your Own Monopoly!
Find The Best Keyword Resources For Free!
Translate Your Traffic Into Sales!

Download Keyword Research Bible
Master Resale Rights



"30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz

Software and Action PDF + Bonus 150 Per Day Bum Marketing Guide - All 3 with MRR.

Everyone Knows that BUM (Article) Marketing is a Great Way to Generate Traffic and Sales for FREE...

Now You Can Follow Simple Action Steps To Make a Pile of Cash From BUM Marketing!

Download 30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz

Master Resale Rights



"Millionaires Dream Course 2008"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

Millionaires Dream Course 2008

Finally The Internet marketing explained in black and white. Internet marketing has now gotten easier than ever. Learn how and where to start your own internet business.

Download Millionaires Dream Course 2008

Master Resale Rights


"CB Review Blogging - Seven Video Series"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

CB Review Blogging - Seven Video Series
Here are the seven videos series with high quality content, but are simple for “any newbie”:
Getting Started, Tools You need, etc...
Find a Profitable product to promote from's Marketplace
Purchase a domain name and redirect to your affiliate link
Setup a quick and easy blog and posting a review
Traffic: How to Write...and Submit Press Releases
Submit to Article Directories, Squidoo
Three Other Traffic Sources

Download CB Review Blogging - Seven Video Series
File Size: 104MB

Resale Rights


"Article Helper"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

Article Helper

This neat software tool will help you, as the name implies, help you write articles. It will put your "in-progress" and completed articles all in one spot, you can organize them by word count, title, niche.

Download Article Helper

Resale Rights



"Social Networking for Newbies"
 Full MASTER Resale Rights

Social Networking for Newbies

Discover How To Quickly and Easily Build High Converting Leads For Your Niche By Using Social Networking Sites!

Your Step-by-Step Video Guide to Increasing Your Access to Highly Targeted Leads.

Download Social Networking for Newbies File Size: 101MB

Resale Rights


"The Bad Times Buster Package"

The Bad Times Buster Package

Discover 9 Private Label Info Products That Could Save You A Fortune, Change Your Life, Save the Earth, Make You a Hero & Fill Your Pocket With A Lot of This Stuff.

Package Included 9 Products as follows:

  1. 62 Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump
  2. 15 Top Ways To Save Money
  3. How To Prosper during Bad Times
  4. 101 Fast Fixes To Boosting Your Credit Score
  5. The Super Secrets of Credit
  6. Getting Yourself Organized
  7. Time To Move Abroad
  8. Household Budgeting
  9. How To Sell Your House Without An Agent and At The Best Price Possible

Download Bad Times Buster File Size: 10.6MB

Private Label Resale Rights


"Search Engine Optimization for Newbies"
10 Videos with Full MASTER Resale Rights

SEO For Newbies - Videos

Here is what you'll learn from the ten SEO For Newbies Videos:

Video 1 -What Is SEO?
Video 2 -Understanding Search Engines & How They Work...
Video 3 -Top Search Engine Myths Revealed!
Video 4 -5 Steps To Improving Your SEO Right Now!
Video 5 -How to Get Listed In The Search Engines Within Days!
Video 6 -Submitting Your Sites To The Search Engines For Free!
Video 7 -Time To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings!
Video 8 -Search Engine PageRank Explained...
Video 9 -Keywords & Keyword Strategies For SEO
Video 10 -Five Free Ways To Get Traffic From Search Engines!

Click Here To Download SEO for Newbies - 10 Videos with Master Resale Rights - File Size: 174MB
Master Resale Rights



"Roller Coaster Pricing System - PHP Scripts"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Roller Coaster Pricing System


Firesale - Still great for short-term interest building
Upsell option - For offering resell rights or an alternate higher priced product
Discount Offer - Everyone loves a bargain. Pick a percentage and watch sales

Download Roller Coaster Pricing PHP Scripts
Master Resale Rights


"Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked

I Learned These Secrets  by accident and luck...

These internet marketing secrets have given me a nice monthly income when my business should have bombed.

Now I am sharing them with you....

Download Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked

Master Resale Rights



"PLR for Newbies Video Series"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

PLR For Newbies Videos Series

The PLR For Newbies Video Series leads you by the hand, step-by-step, click-by-click, to creating great new unique products that not only sell, but can Increase Your Profits several times over!

One of the biggest, most-common problems you may run into during product creation is not knowing where to start - you have writer's block or an 'idea block'. Or you simply don't have enough time and money - also a very common problem. So let's start with how you can use Private Label Rights resources to turn them into your own unique new products.

Download PLR for Newbies Video Series

File Size: 64.8 MB
Master Resale Rights


"Raffle Site Script - PHP Script"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Boost Your Subscriber List Instantly!

The Raffle Site Script was designed to help anyone kick their list building efforts into high gear instantly!

With this script, you can run a raffle offering as many different prizes as you want (digital, home delivery & pickup prizes are accepted), and the script will run fully automated down to running the raffle on it's own and doing the delivery of digital prizes instantly to winners!

Click Here To Download Raffle Site Script - PHP Script

Master Resale Rights


"EZ Ebook Templates Package 4"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

EZ Ebook Templates Package 4

"8 Styles -- 38 Color Schemes -- All Beautiful OpenOffice Writer Ebook Templates!"

"Now It's Even EASIER To Generate Stunning PDF Ebook Templates With Incredible Style"

EZ Ebook Template Package Can Help You. . .

  • Create Colorful PDF Ebooks That Look Terrific In Less Time And With Less Work
  • Include Actual Linked "Table of Contents" Menus Within Your PDF Ebooks
  • Have Pre-Formatted Templates You Can Utilize To Generate Your Own Unique Works
  • And Do It All In Less Time Than Trying To Come Up With New Designs All On Your Own!

Download EZ Ebook Templates Package 4

Master Resale Rights


"Super Quick Videos"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

20 Super Quick Videos - Master Resale Rights Included

Who Else Wants To Learn The Latest Internet Marketing 'How To' Tips, Tricks, and Techniques In Minutes, By Watching Us Show You How To Do It On Video, In Under 5 Minutes Each?! ..Allowing You Save Frustration and Your Hair Whilst Increasing Your Revenue Almost Overnight!

With Super Quick Videos you will...

-Learn Quickly
-Save Time
-Implement Easily
-Make More Money

Click Here To Download Reseller Site


How to register a Clickbank account

'Mass pay' your Paydotcom affiliates

How to create a MySQL table in cPanel

Paydotcom affiliate setup

 How to add a Paypal payment button

How to set up a Paydotcom payment page

Register a domain name with

Embed a YouTube video into your web page

Checking Aweber for correct installation

Turning your headline into a cool image

How to set up a simple redirect

Produce Camtasia videos in a shareable format

Install a stat counter to monitor incoming traffic

 Adding Aweber code to your website page 

How to get and register a Google email account

Using Aweber JavaScript

How to register and create a Wordpress blog, and implement a new theme

How to add an 'Honest E Online' web seal logo to your web page to enhance your credibility

How to add a meta description tag to your html code (for the search engine description)

Check your traffic stats from inside your cPanel (Awstats)


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